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   Saturday, September 23, 2017
Did You Know?

Agricultural products are one-third of Saskatchewan's exports.


The Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation will maximize the economic benefits to Saskatchewan agriculture as a first priority, other Saskatchewan industries as a second priority, and the province in general, through the effective and efficient use of its resources


To have an effective, efficient and affordable grain handling and rail transportation system that is the best in the world.


In partnership with farmers, and community groups, and in cooperation with shippers and railroads enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of transporting and handling grain.


We believe that through innovation and, by using the assets and intellectual capital resident in the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation, we can improve the agricultural economy of Saskatchewan by ensuring that producers have influence on grain transportation policies and practices and that producers benefit from modernization of the grain logistics system.

The Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation is a workplace of choice because we value creativity, fairness, honesty, excellence, accountability, and personal development, as the most important priorities for our jobs and our working relationships.


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